Billing for CPT Code 69210 - Removal of Impacted Cerumen

Billing for CPT Code 69210 - Removal of Impacted Cerumen

Providers can bill and receive reimbursement for impacted cerumen removal with OtoSet® or other devices by using CPT code 69210. Please note that medicare and some insurance carriers do NOT cover lavage and require the removal of IMPACTED cerumen to bill for CPT 69210.

When billing CPT 69210, an auditor will be looking for these details in the progress notes:

  • List the Device Used.
    • Which device, instrument, curette, suction device or equipment was used in the removal of impacted earwax?
  • Include Magnification Language.
    • Was an otoscope used? Explain the means in which magnification was achieved.
  • The Word "Impacted" Must be Included.
    • A medicare auditor will always be looking for the word "impacted" when auditing CPT 69210.
 Reimbursement Code: Description: Facility/Non-Facility:
CPT 69210 Removal of impacted cerumen (separate procedure), one or both ears $33.66 (Facility) / $50.13 (Non-Facility)
  • If there was no cerumen impaction and only lavage, billing will fall under E&M (Evaluation & Management) visit code.

Facility & Non-Facility:

  • Facility: Includes hospitals (inpatient, outpatient, and emergency department), ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), and skilled nursing facilities (SNFs).
  • Non-Facility: Includes all other settings

When should I use HCPCS II G0268 over CPT 69210?

The G0268 is an HCPCS II code for impacted Cerumen and has not been used as often since 2008 after medicare required audiologists to bill for their services separately from the physician. Please visit the website below to learn more on HCPCS G0268.

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