Why is OtoSet® 2.0 a Safe Earwax Removal Device?

Why is OtoSet® 2.0 a Safe Earwax Removal Device?

OtoSet® received 510(k) FDA clearance from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration and has since been adopted by hundreds of clinicians who use it daily on patients. OtoSet® 2.0 has gone even further to provide a safe experience and advance the original OtoSet® in these unique ways:

  • Drip Catch - A drip catch was added to protect the user and capture any water which may run down the ear.

  • Ear Pad Window - A "window" was added to OtoSet® 2.0 to allow clinicians to view the ear tip as it enters the canal.

  • Other Improvements - OtoSet® 2.0 has also added a more adjustable head-strap, created a quieter experience for the end-user, added slanted containers to ensure ears are fully flushed, added larger waste containers, and more!

OtoSet® has been in use by clinicians and in clinical trials for years without injury or major complication. The OtoSet® Ear Cleaning procedure has also been performed on thousands of patients, leaving users with a clean and comfortable experience.

How does OtoSet® work?

OtoSet® uses controlled pressure that is made to spray water and clear cerumen (earwax) from the ear canal in a safe manner. The micro-suction technology then removes the water and earwax like a low-powered vacuum without overpowering or uncomfortable suction.

OtoSet® also allows for replaceable ear tips and features 120+ ear tips with any purchase, so the device can clear impacted earwax on a large number of patients in a cleanly manner.

In the end, the process leaves patients with a comfortable, safe and mess-free experience that automatically clears their earwax impaction in minutes at the touch of a button.

Get OtoSet® 2.0 today, automatically clear impacted earwax in minutes and learn why it's a safe cerumen management system.