How do I charge my OtoSet?

The battery will need to be fully charged before first use (approximately 2 hours). Plug the provided USB charger into an electrical outlet and then into the device. The left LED will begin to flash blue, signifying that it is charging. The left LED will stop blinking and remain solid blue when the device is fully charged.

How many patients can I treat in a single charge of my OtoSet?

You can run, on average, approximately 75 cycles with a single charge. Keep in mind that some patients may require more than one cycle to fully remove earwax.

How do I know which ear tip size to use with my patient?

The ear tip should fit comfortably in the patient’s ear and should not be too tight so as to collapse the silicone tip(s). Once the ear tip(s) is placed on the device and the headset is fitted to the patient, the ear tip(s) should feel as though they are pulling slightly upwards on their ear canal(s).

What kind of solution should I be using for irrigation?

Distilled water or saline solution is recommended.

What temperature should the solution be?

Body temperature (97.7-99.5 °F, 36.5-37.5 °C) distilled water or saline solution should be used. Test the solution with the provided thermometer to ensure you have the correct temperature prior to filling the solution containers.

What are the contraindications for using my OtoSet?

Any irrigation procedure is not advised if the patient has otitis media, vertigo, or is immunocompromised. Any irrigation procedure should not be attempted if patient has PE tubes, severe pain, or active bleeding. If patient has sensorineural hearing loss or tinnitus, an irrigation procedure may be performed with proper precautions.

Can my OtoSet be used with children?

OtoSet is currently FDA-cleared for clinical use on persons aged 18 years and older.

Should my patient remove eyeglasses or earrings for the procedure?

To ensure a good fit, it is recommended to remove large earrings, eyeglasses, etc. prior to placing the headset.

Can I control or change the cleaning pressures?

No, the pressure is automatically controlled and optimized to ensure both patient safety and product efficacy.

Does my OtoSet direct irrigation at the eardrum?

No, the direction of the irrigation is pointed toward the top and bottom of the ear canal walls but not directly at the eardrum.

How many cleaning cycles will my patient need?

The number of cleaning cycles needed will depend on the level of impaction and the consistency of the earwax. For some patients with hardened wax, multiple cleaning cycles may be required. Earwax softeners may enhance the performance especially in cases with dry wax. Ideally, the drops are used a few days prior to the procedure. Be sure to visualize your patient's ear canal(s) after each cleaning cycle.

Can my patient replace their hearing aid(s) after the cleaning procedure?

Yes, if moisture is not a concern and will depend on the type of hearing aid. However, after the completion of the procedure, if the patient notes a feeling of fluid in their ear(s), utilize your preferred clinical method for removing/drying any remaining solution from the ear canal(s).

What should I use to clean my OtoSet?

All external parts can be cleaned with 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) wipes. Pay special cleaning attention to the ear pads and head strap pad. Using a clean dampened cloth, wipe the external surfaces to remove residual IPA. To clean the waste channel, remove ear tip and waste container, hold device over sink, and pour 70% IPA through waste channel into sink using a beaker (provided) or similar tool.

How do I properly dispose of the waste containers?

When the cleaning procedure is complete, drain waste container(s) into sink by opening the bottom waste container cap(s). The plastic waste containers are recyclable after disposing of cleaning solution if infection control is not a concern. Note that cleaning and reusing disposables is not recommended both for infection control concerns but also to ensure correct pressure output.

How do I order more disposables?

You can order more disposables, devices, or accessories online at If you have any questions, please contact SafKan Health Customer Support at: or call us at 1-888-562-5855.

If I have a question or an issue with my OtoSet how do I get support?

Please visit for additional information or you can contact us at We can also be reached by calling 1-888-562-5855.