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OtoSet® is the first automated and FDA-cleared ear cleaning device. At the push of a button, irrigation and micro-suction technology combine to automatically break down and remove impacted earwax for a quick, safe, and mess-free cleaning.

LifeSound Hearing @ 640 W Dekalb Pike, Suite 1221 King of Prussia, PA 19406

Note: Located inside of the mall around the corner from the Cheesecake Factory.

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Then on to the FDA-cleared OtoSet® Ear Cleaning System for an efficient and mess-free cleaning

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Easy and very comfortable

My ear cleaning was great! Clinician was friendly, skilled and professional. They worked on both ears until all the wax was completely gone. It was cool to be able to see with the camera inside my ear before and after. The process is easy and very comfortable. I can hear better than ever now! I would highly recommend.

- James Wall

Will definitely recommend

It was such a happy, warm and cathartic feeling after getting my ear cleaned. Felt like being new again, the machine flawlessly did what it was supposed to do, I will definitely recommend this to my recommend and families, how is this not a regular product like a toothbrush or a floss machine. My ear pain due to too much wax has also gone away!!!

- Neshant Sharma

So clean afterwards

Very much enjoyed the entire process. I recommend this easy procedure to anyone with ear troubles… The device uses gentle pressure and your ear canal will feel so clean afterwards. Thank you also to my wonderful clinician!

- Sarah West

Can finally hear again

Amazing! Had my ears cleaned here and can finally hear again - this device they use is super cool.. quick, comfortable and the best is leaving with clean ears. Highly recommend.

- Stephanie Weaver

Quick and efficient

Ear cleaning was professional and clean. Quick and efficient! A great experience and can’t wait to have it offered either at home or as a regular service.

- Aylin Klein

Would highly recommend

Wow! I cannot believe how easy, and fast the simplicity of this cleaning was. I would highly recommend! I’ve had so many issues in the past with wax build up and this was such a great experience! I feel so refreshed, ears are feeling fantastic!

- Katie Yaguchi

Delivered fantastic results

I'll never go back! Back to my doctor or a clinic for an ear cleaning the old way that is. The OtoSet worked fast, was painless, and delivered fantastic results. I highly recommend this to anyone!

- Scott Lang

Great and easy experience

It was a great and easy experience getting my ears cleaned and my hearing has been extremely clear since then definitely would recommend.

- Isaac Merganz

Quick, painless and effective

Great experience. Would strongly recommend an OtoSet ear cleaning to anybody who has ear wax build up. The process was quick, painless and effective.

- Mitch Mares

10/10 would recommend

10/10 would recommend! Easy, pleasant experience. OtoSet and the clinician's skills got this surfer’s clogged ears clean!

- Scott Wong

Very cool experience

This was a very cool experience! It’s hard to describe the sensation, but it was refreshing, and we all know it’s satisfying to see results! You get these results in real time! I recommend it!

- Jana Detrick

Always had really good results

I have had my ears cleaned a few times and have always had really good results in getting all the wax out. The staff is always very friendly.

- Robert Caplan

Highly recommend OtoSet

Had a great experience at the clinic. I would highly recommend OtoSet if you are looking for cleaning services in the area.

- Mary Holman

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