How to Use OtoSet® 1.0: A Guide

How to Use OtoSet® 1.0: A Guide

Our team at SafKan Health is well aware of the myriad frustrations of existing earwax removal options. Developed by a biomedical engineer who himself struggled with impacted earwax, OtoSet® was designed to be safe, effective, and efficient - both for patients as well as for healthcare professionals.

Operationally, OtoSet® streamlines the earwax removal process and ushers the outdated procedure into the 21st century. Using and maintaining OtoSet® is quite simple. Here, we explore the various aspects of using and caring for this device.

OtoSet® for Earwax Removal
To use OtoSet® to provide safe and efficient earwax removal for your patients, here are a few things to consider.

Discuss candidacy for the procedure
This involves having a conversation with the patient to ensure that they are a good candidate for earwax removal via irrigation and micro-suction technologies. Be sure to ask the patient about their hearing status, any symptoms they are experiencing, and history of ear surgery.

Explain how it works
OtoSet® is an innovative procedure to safely and efficiently clean your patient’s ears. Chances are, if your patients are already familiar with the earwax removal process, they may want to know more about OtoSet®.

Read or provide the patient with an overview of the procedure, as well general expectations and instructions. Be sure to ask if the patient has any questions that you can answer, and address any concerns they may have before beginning.

Here are the steps you could review with them:

  • Disposable ear tips release liquid from the solution containers which flows toward the walls of the ear canals. This safely and effectively breaks down earwax.
  • Continuous micro-suction draws the softened earwax and liquid back through the ear tips and into the disposable waste containers.
  • One cleaning cycle lasts 30 seconds and depending on the severeness of the impaction, additional cleaning cycles can be run quickly and easily.

Setting up OtoSet®
Using OtoSet® starts with simply attaching the single patient disposables to the headset.

Attach Ear Tip(s)
The disposable eartips as well as the device itself are labeled L for the patient’s left and R for the patient’s right. Place the ear tips in the patient’s ear canals to show a proper fit, then attach the ear tips to OtoSet®. If only cleaning one ear, attach the corresponding ear tip to the correct side.

Attach Waste Container(s)
The disposable waste containers which collect the extracted earwax and liquid are also labeled L and R. Align the plastic tabs extending from the waste containers with the indentation on OtoSet® and lock them into place. Verify that the containers are fully sealed to prevent any spillage. Again, if only cleaning one ear, attach the corresponding waste container for that side (either right or left).

Fill Solution Container(s)
Fill the accompanying beaker with 70mL of body temperature distilled water or saline solution. Use the enclosed thermometer to ensure that the solution is at the appropriate temperature: 97.7-99.5 °F, 36.5-37.5 °C. Pour this into the solution container(s) and then close by turning the cap toward and pressing tightly to close.

Once you’ve set up OtoSet®, the device is ready to use. Before starting the ear cleaning system, follow the next steps to prepare the patient for the procedure.

Properly Fit the Device
When you are ready to start the procedure, fit OtoSet® on the patient’s head. Guide the ear tips into the ear canals while placing the device over the head. If possible, ask the patient to hold the headset in place while you adjust the head strap to ensure a perfect and comfortable fit. Verify with the patient that the ear tips are inserted and the device is comfortable.

Notify the patient that you will turn on the device. When turned on, the device defaults to the left ear. Click the button that selects the ear(s) to be cleaned and verify that the corresponding light is on.

A long press of the button will start the cleaning procedure - the corresponding light will flash green throughout the procedure and you will hear a beep which indicates that solution is flowing into the ears.

The device will stop automatically once the 30-second cleaning procedure ends.

After the Procedure
Remove OtoSet® by pulling the sides outward and lifting the device upwards, then place it on the stand provided. Inspect the patient’s ears to ensure earwax is thoroughly removed. If another cycle is needed, drain the waste containers and lock them back in before repeating the previous steps.

After you are done using OtoSet®, remove the waste containers and the ear tips, and discard these items appropriately (refer to the instructions for proper cleaning and charging steps). It’s as simple as that - both for you and for your patient!

Ready for OtoSet®?
OtoSet® is the first automated and FDA-cleared ear cleaning device for clinical use, which is available to healthcare professionals now. Streamline earwax removal at your practice with this innovative device!