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The first automated and FDA-cleared ear cleaning device. Irrigation and micro-suction technology combine to automatically break down and remove impacted earwax.

Irrigation & Micro-suction Technology

In quick cleaning cycles, OtoSet® simultaneously combines patented irrigation and micro-suction technology to break down and remove earwax along with the water used for the procedure

Patented OtoSet® technology

Comfortable Single-Use Ear Tips

For a safe and clean procedure, OtoSet® features disposable ear tips that direct water towards the walls of the ear canal with a suction port to collect all of the waste in a mess-free manner

Re-order disposables anytime

Automated Process and Safe Pressures

OtoSet® keeps consistent irrigation and micro-suction pressures - just fill with water, attach the ear tips and waste containers, and with a push of a button the cleaning cycle runs automatically

Cycles completed in minutes

No Mess and Easy to Clean After Use

Unlike traditional ear cleaning procedures, with OtoSet® there is no mess - earwax and water is captured by micro-suction into waste containers and there is even a drip-catch in the ear pad

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Easier and Quicker Patient Experience

Retire the medieval ear & bladder syringe and bring ear care into the 21st century with the FDA-cleared OtoSet® to provide patients with a safe, efficient, and mess-free earwax removal procedure

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Ear Care for the 21st Century

OtoSet® Ear Cleaning System

Pre-treatment drops to soften earwax in clinic waiting room or at home

Safe, efficient, and mess-free procedure with the FDA-cleared OtoSet®

Post-treatment drops to remove any water remaining in ear canals

Now move forward with your appointments without frustrating delays!

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