Meet OtoSet®: The New Way to Clean Your Ears

Meet OtoSet®: The New Way to Clean Your Ears

OtoSet® is the world’s first automated ear cleaning device. Cleared by the FDA, OtoSet® safely and effectively tackles impacted earwax.

Over 35 million people in the U.S. alone experience impacted earwax which, if left untreated, can contribute to ear-related conditions including conductive hearing loss. More than 20 million of these people seek medical attention for impacted earwax every year. But due to outdated tools and methods, more than 30% of people who see a healthcare professional for earwax removal are referred to a specialist.

At SafKan Health, we made it our work to address this pervasive ear-related issue by creating a technology that can perform this necessary function with ease for both patients and healthcare professionals. OtoSet® utilizes micro-suction and irrigation technology to swiftly and effectively remove earwax. This ear cleaning system, we envision, will become an essential tool in hearing health care.

How Does OtoSet® Work?
OtoSet® combines sleek and familiar design with innovative technology in a safe, wearable device. Resembling a pair of headphones, OtoSet® is worn over the ears and consists of the following main components:

  • Ear Tips: these single-use silicone nozzles are attached to the headphones. They direct a warm saline solution against the walls of the ear canal which breaks down earwax. Then continuous micro-suction technology extracts the solution as well as wax back into the nozzles.
  • Waste Containers: the earwax and solution are then discarded from the nozzles to outflow containers which are also disposable and attached to the headphones.
  • Battery: the device is powered by a rechargeable battery that sustains a long-lasting battery life.

After each patient, the ear tips and waste containers are disposed of and new ones are inserted. 

Benefits of OtoSet®
OtoSet® is an advanced ear cleaning system that offers many benefits for the millions of people who experience impacted earwax as well as for the healthcare professionals who conduct these procedures. Key benefits include the following: 

  • Developed with Expertise: the team at SafKan Health worked with hearing healthcare professionals (like ENT surgeons) to develop OtoSet®. Their extensive knowledge and feedback as well as comprehensive research informed the development of OtoSet®.
  • Highly Effective: OtoSet® safely and effectively removes earwax, alleviating symptoms associated with impaction. The irrigation and micro-suction technology work together to ensure that earwax is softened and then pulled out of the ear canal. OtoSet® also does this safely. The ear tips are designed to direct the solution towards the walls of the ear canals.
  • Efficient: current earwax removal procedures (i.e. with an ear & bladder syringe) can take between 20 to 30 minutes and can also be a messy process. From set up to completion, OtoSet® takes no more than just a few minutes with one cleaning cycle being just 30 seconds. Additionally, the rechargeable battery can last all day off of one single charge. In fact, healthcare professionals can conduct up to 50 earwax removal procedures on one charge.
  • Easy to Use: OtoSet® is designed to also be incredibly user-friendly. Its automated process eliminates any additional labor or tasking work you have to perform. People simply put the headphones on and press a button.
  • Consistency: current earwax removal processes are very manual. Inserting instruments into the ear canal and syringing at high pressure runs the risk of a perforated eardrum. With OtoSet®, the procedure is automated and consistent.
Safely and efficiently, OtoSet® brings ear care into the 21st century with an effective and simple way to remove earwax. By offering a safe solution to a common problem, we believe OtoSet® is set to drastically innovate ear care.