From a young age, our founder has regularly had to visit his primary care physician for ear syringing to fight earwax buildup. After becoming a biomedical engineer, he invented OtoSet® to solve his own problem with impacted earwax. As our team began researching and developing OtoSet®, we learned the true scale of this problem and how frustrating today’s earwax removal procedure is for both patients and healthcare professionals.

More than 35 million Americans are affected by impacted earwax, which is the leading cause of conductive hearing loss. Other symptoms can include pain, vertigo, tinnitus, itching, and coughing. The earwax removal procedure is very common but has seen little innovation over the last 200 years. This has left healthcare professionals with time-consuming, messy, and antiquated options to provide relief to their patients — until now.

We are out to change things for the tens of millions of Americans like our founder. OtoSet® is the first automated and FDA Cleared ear cleaning device for clinical use, which is available to healthcare professionals now. Our team at SafKan Health has also started developing a consumer version for home use.

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