Reorder Ear Tip & Waste Container Disposables for OtoSet® 2.0 (Select Size)
Reorder Ear Tip & Waste Container Disposables for OtoSet® 2.0 (Select Size)
Reorder Ear Tip & Waste Container Disposables for OtoSet® 2.0 (Select Size)
Reorder Ear Tip & Waste Container Disposables for OtoSet® 2.0 (Select Size)

Reorder Ear Tip & Waste Container Disposables for OtoSet® 2.0 (Select Size)

Size: 80 Ears
80 Ears
120 Ears
240 Ears
40 Ears

Already have OtoSet® but need more ear tips and waste containers? Continue to provide a clean and safe experience with single-patient-use disposables.

Ear Tip + Waste Container Disposables Options

  • 80 Ears = 40 Left and 40 Right, One Size Fits Most. 80 Waste Containers.

  • 120 Ears = 60 Left and 60 Right, One Size Fits Most. 120 Waste Containers.

  • 240 Ears = 120 Left and 120 Right, One Size Fits Most. 240 Waste Containers.

Have a special request? Just let us know in the "Note" of your order!

  • Estimated Delivery:Jul 26 - Jul 30

  • Shipping: Free for early adopters this year!

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Product Reviews

What is OtoSet®?

The FDA-cleared OtoSet® provides a safe, efficient, and mess-free solution for healthcare professionals treating the more than 35 million Americans suffering from impacted earwax. That’s one in 10 children, one in 20 adults, and more than one in three older adults.

In quick cleaning cycles, OtoSet® incorporates liquid flow directed from solution containers through disposable ear tips and toward the walls of the ear canals to break down earwax. Continuous micro-suction draws that earwax and liquid back through the ear tips and into recyclable waste containers.

Note: For use by healthcare professionals only.

"We see a lot of referrals from primary care and also audiology with patients that have cerumen impaction that need to be helped. Often times in a short term. Now that we have OtoSet, we are able to actually accommodate those appointments, help those patients, and be able to get them back to their primary care doctor or to the audiologist to continue their care in that fashion."

- Dr. Paul Schalch Lepe, ENT in California

"Let’s say it comes time to get new hearing aids. Patients are not going to think about going somewhere else. They are going to stay with me because not only was I able to clean their hearing aids but I was able to clean their ears, which not many other practices can do. I have seen our patient retention grow exponentially higher because of this extra service that we can offer with OtoSet."

- Cameron Yordon, HIS in Florida

Fast Company's Best Health Designs of 2023

"Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Awards honors products, services, and environments designed to improve people’s health and solve problems in the healthcare industry."

FDA-cleared and available now!

OtoSet® Ear Cleaning System


  • Pre-treatment drops to soften earwax in clinic waiting room or at home

  • Safe, efficient, and mess-free procedure with the FDA-cleared OtoSet®

  • Post-treatment drops to remove any water remaining in ear canals

  • Now move forward with your appointments without frustrating delays!